For decades Brazil had not witnessed the rise of a heavy metal band in its scene. Sao Paulo based Project46 broke this taboo by becoming the first metal band since the early 1990s to ascend nationally and they have done so through years of independent hard teamwork.

The quintet currently formed by guitarists Jean Patton and Vini Castellari, vocalist Caio MacBeserra, bassist Baffo Neto and drummer Betto Cardoso has developed over the years an extremely heavy and exuberant music that when it is appreciated conveys ferocity and beauty, songs with visceral and highly captivating message that carries some clear and instigating messages built under a modern dynamic walking the steps of the current generation.

The combination of talent and great skill in handling their instruments combined with their great charisma on and off stage provided the rapid growth of a frantic and devoted fan base throughout Brazil and South America.

Already experienced in big events, the band played in festivals like Monsters of Rock by wining its spot by popular vote, at Rock in Rio, Maximus Festival, Hell in Rio and Porão do Rock where the band headlined the alternative stage in the 2016 edition besides have performed hundreds of club shows throughout the country and abroad. In Chile the band played Maquinaria Festival and a series of club shows expanding its presence in the country.

By 2017, after releasing two successful albums, the first being “Doa a Quem Doer” and the second “Que Seja Feita a Nossa Vontade” the band undergone a lineup change now counting on bassist Baffo Neto and drummer Betto Cardoso, the band started an intense composition process that lasted over 6 months and not only provided the creation of new songs, but transformed the band into an energetically strong, creative, focused and accurate team. The result of this is their new and long-awaited album TR3S, which has just been made available on digital platforms and in physical format.


1 – Terra de Ninguém (4:24)
2 – Corre (2:30)
3 – Pânico (3:39)
4 – Rédeas (3:45)
5 – Realidade Urbana (3:42)
6 – Marginal (2:42)
7 – Pode Pá (5:07)
8 – Anônimo (5:17)
9 – Um Passo à Frente (5:18)
10 – Tr3s (4:40)

Recorded in Los Angeles, USA, between June and July 2017 and funded by fans through the “EXPERIENCIA TR3S” campaign, a year long campaign that in addition to crowdfunding brings interactive experiences to its supporters throughout the whole tour.

The album once again featured the impeccable production of Brazilian leading metal producer Adair Daufembach, who had worked with Project46 on both previous albums. The group locked up for a month at Daufembach Studios in Hollywood, USA, to develop this work that combines the young spirit of the first album “Doa a Quem Doer” with the know-how obtained in the second release “Que Seja Feita a Nossa Vontade”.

The result is a vigorous and diverse work, rich and effective in its essence, that delivers in its lyrics messages of strength and overcoming without leaving aside the strong and highly incisive personality which characterized the band over the years.

TR3S is undoubtedly the most mature work of Project46 to date. A modern language album, unique sounding and the band’s amazingly high performance.

Caio MacBesserra returns to clean and melodic vocals like the ones sung on the first record, but with the maturity achieved during the road years. Lyrics that address human challenges such as our moral, ethical and religious conflicts, our strength, our fears, our hopes, our failures and our victories. The album invites reflection and action with awareness and courage. Conflicts common to all of us in any part of the world. The band’s ambition at composing this album, which with a single audition, captivates fans of the genre, positions Project46 as the most promising band to come out of Brazil and crowns them as the greatest representative of contemporary Brazilian metal.

The first single of this album “CORRE” was presented as a lyric video delighting the fans who were exited to hear the compositions written by the new lineup. A few weeks later the album’s first video clip was made available. The song chosen was “PANICO“, presented in a sequencial plan video shot directed by Mess Santos. The video has passed the 125,000 views in the first 2 weeks only in Brazil receiving numerous praises for both the band’s and the director’s performance.

This album was played through in full for the first time on December 3rd 2017 during the 3rd edition of the band’s owned festival “46Fest” with the bands composing the festival’s lineup chosen by the fans. The band is already scheduling shows throughout the year 2018 in Brazil and abroad besides preparing a English version of TR3S for the American, European and Asiatic markets.

An intense energy comes on every track, every minute!Roadie Crew Magazine
The band from this work has an almost impossible task: Getting overcome this trilogy of almost impeccable records.Whiplash.Net
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